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Google Photos to introduce enhanced organization features for similar images

Google Photos, the popular photo and video storage and sharing service, is rolling out new features to enhance its user experience. The latest updates include automatic backup for RAW images and a convenient video tool for creating highlight videos. And now, Google Photos is set to introduce a new feature called Photo Stack, aimed at organizing similar-looking photos.

The evidence of this upcoming feature was uncovered by code sleuth AssembleDebug, who found mentions of Photo Stack in the app version 59. According to the discovered strings, Photo Stack automatically groups photos that were taken together. Users will have the option to toggle this feature on or off through the preference screen of Google Photos.

With Photo Stack, Google Photos will intelligently group together images that share similarities, particularly those taken in close succession. Once a Photo Stack is formed, users can easily edit the stack or change the top pick. It is also likely that there will be efficient management options for multiple Photo Stacks.

While there is no official release date announced for the Photo Stack feature, it is reassuring to see Google consistently working on improving the Photos app. As a free service with 15 GB of storage, Google Photos offers automatic backup, smart organization, search, easy sharing, and editing tools. It is accessible on various devices as long as you have a Google account.

Google Photos regularly receives updates, both minor and significant. Recently, the app introduced support for Ultra HDR, further enhancing the editing capabilities for users. Stay tuned for more updates on the Photo Stack feature and other exciting improvements from Google Photos.


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