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Google Search introduces “About this image” feature to prevent misuse of AI

Google’s “About this image” tool, announced at Google’s I/O conference in May, is now rolling out to English users worldwide. The purpose of this tool is to provide users with important background information and context about the images they find in Google Search.

To access the “About this image” feature, users can simply click on the three-dot menu in Search and Google Images results. Similar to the existing “About this result” feature for text-based sources, this tool aims to give users an idea of where a specific image appeared on the web in the past and how it was described.

One key aspect of this tool is that it provides metadata about the image if available. Additionally, it offers vital context about how the image has been described by news and fact-checking sites over time. This includes information about whether the image was generated by AI or not.

Currently, Google is still working on developing a way for users to check any image on the web, not just the ones that appear in Google Search results. The company has plans to make this tool available through a right-click or long-press on an image in Chrome. Alternatively, users may be able to swipe up in the Google App to learn more about an image on a webpage.

Google is also actively working on its Fact Check Explorer, which allows users to search for image fact-checks by uploading an image or using its URL. Although still in beta, Google is preparing to release a new API to help fact-checkers and journalists integrate Fact Check Explorer into their workflows.

In summary, Google’s “About this image” tool aims to provide users with valuable information and context about the images they come across in Google Search. It not only reveals where an image has appeared in the past but also discloses important details about its metadata and how it has been described over time. Google is also working towards expanding this tool to allow users to check any image on the web and further enhancing its Fact Check Explorer to assist fact-checkers and journalists.

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