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Google Voice expands spam protection to SMS messages on Android and iOS platform

Google Introduces Enhanced Spam Protection for Google Voice

Spam messages can be quite annoying, and most of us have probably encountered them at some point. However, Google is now making efforts to reduce their frequency by introducing enhanced spam protection for Google Voice. This feature automatically marks suspected spam messages on both Android and iOS devices, extending the spam caller warning feature to cover SMS messages as well.

When a message is marked as spam, you will notice labels indicating its status. A red exclamation mark will appear in the profile avatar area, and the message preview will start with ‘Suspected spam.’ If you come across this label, you have two options. You can confirm it as spam, and any future messages from that number will be sent directly to the spam folder. Alternatively, you can mark a labeled message as not spam, and you won’t see the suspected spam label for messages from that number again.

This feature is available to Voice Starter, Standard, and Premier paid customers, as well as users with free personal accounts in the US. It is currently rolling out and will be accessible to all users in the coming weeks. Google aims to keep users safe from unwanted calls and potential scams with this spam protection feature. The advanced artificial intelligence technology that detects billions of spam calls every month across Google’s network is utilized to identify spam messages.

In addition to enhanced spam protection, Google is also introducing three more updates. When you hover over someone’s people card in Google Contacts or various Google Workspace products, you will now see birthday decorations. If you have added your birthday to your Google Account profile and made it visible to others, you will also receive these decorations on your special day.

Furthermore, the Google Sheets iOS app now allows you to easily add hyperlinks to cells. Additionally, if you are using Directory Sync, you can assign users from Azure Active Directory or Active Directory to a specific organizational unit on the Google Workspace side.

Google’s goal with spam protection is to ensure your safety and protect you from unwanted calls and potential scams. Stay tuned for the arrival of these updates and enjoy a safer communication experience with Google Voice.

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