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Hades, the award-winning “Game of the Year,” is now available on iPhone and iPad via Netflix.

Great news for Hades fans! The award-winning game will be available for free on iPhone and iPad through Netflix. While a sequel to Hades has been announced, the original game will be accessible to Netflix subscribers on iOS in 2024. Unfortunately, there are no plans for an Android version at this time.

In addition to Hades, Netflix will also be adding other popular mobile games to its library, including titles based on successful TV series like Shadow & Bone and The Dragon Prince. Some of these games, such as Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold, Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill, and Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, are already available for Netflix members on both Android and iOS devices.

Looking ahead, Netflix has announced that seven more games will be released in 2024, including Hades, Death’s Door, The Dragon Prince: Xadia, Katana Zero, Chicken Run: Eggstraction, Money Heist, and Braid, Anniversary Edition. It’s an exciting time for mobile gaming, especially for Netflix subscribers.

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