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HTC plans to launch one to two new mid-range phones annually

Two of the best phones I ever owned were HTC phones. The underrated HTC DroidDNA was the first phone to feature a screen with FHD resolution (1080p) and it felt great in the hand. But when there was an issue with the phone, HTC replaced it with the amazing One (M8). That phone was so different than anything that any other company was putting out at the time that it made you proud to own one.

Unfortunately, it was all downhill for HTC after the One (M8) leaving it with a large number of spectacular phones in the rearview mirror including the Sony Xperia X1, HTC Touch Pro, Nexus One, T-Mobile G1, and more. The company seemed to lose the design magic it had when the touchscreen smartphone market launched with the iPhone.

Per Gizmochina, HTC’s Senior Vice President of global business and marketing, Huang Zhaoying, says that the Taiwan-based manufacturer is about to begin a new strategy of releasing one to two new phones every year. Before you get excited over the prospects of new HTC flagship handsets, these phones will be mid-range models powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 series of mid-range application processors.

HTC says that the Snapdragon 7 chipsets are more aligned with the needs of its customers rather than the high-end, high-performance Snapdragon 8 line of application processors. And HTC says that it will prioritize what it says is the most important feature of a smartphone: communications.

What has the manufacturer all excited is the 30% increase in sales achieved by the company’s U23 series (U23 and U23 Pro) compared to sales of the HTC Desire 22 Pro. And that’s after the U23 and U23 Pro have been available for only six months.

We’d love to see HTC return to the days when it created some of the most intriguing high-end phones in the marketplace. Perhaps the company will follow Motorola’s game plan. After it lost its mojo in the flagship Android market, Motorola had to help get its mojo back by producing some of the best budget Android phones of the time before it returned to the flagship market.

HTC did not reveal any possible release dates or specs for any phones that it will offer in 2024.

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