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Top Cell Phone Coverage in Calgary

Calgary is the third-largest municipality in Canada and has grown into a popular city for many reasons. The city offers clean air, a lively cowboy character, and great professional sports. Although winters can be cold, there are plenty of fun activities to keep you busy. Additionally, the snow makes for world-class skiing nearby. Calgary also […]

Win a Razr or Razr+ from Motorola: Find out How!

Sorry, but we are a little late this year as Motorola has started its annual holiday season sweepstakes. This year, for all 12 days, the prize is a Razr foldable clamshell phone. Starting yesterday and running through December 15th, every day a new Razr becomes the day’s prize for one of 12 lucky winners. First […]

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE now receiving Android 14 update in the US

Samsung continues to be on a roll. The Korean company has been doing a great job at delivering Android 14 updates to more than a dozen phones and tablets in less than a month.Although it started with its flagships, the Android 14 update quickly expanded to mid-range and affordable Galaxy devices. One thing that’s probably […]

Remove 17 apps banned by Google Play for blackmail and extortion

Beware of SpyLoan apps that make fake promises of swift financial assistance but have ulterior motives. Cybersecurity firm ESET researchers have discovered that these apps are targeting vulnerable people in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, who are desperately in need of urgent money and cannot access established financial assistance channels. In 2022, both Apple […]

HTC plans to launch one to two new mid-range phones annually

Two of the best phones I ever owned were HTC phones. The underrated HTC DroidDNA was the first phone to feature a screen with FHD resolution (1080p) and it felt great in the hand. But when there was an issue with the phone, HTC replaced it with the amazing One (M8). That phone was so […]

New Widget for Android Home Screens Will Soon Enhance Sports Fans’ Experience

Google is preparing to introduce a new home screen widget for Android phones that will be connected to the Google app. Earlier this year, Android users with the Google app installed were offered a new financial widget, and now, Google is looking to roll out a sports widget. The sports widget will allow users to […]

Google Play must delete 17 unpublished apps for blackmail and extortion

You no longer have to go to a bank to make a payment, thanks to fintech apps like Venmo and PayPal. Seemingly inspired by these apps, the internet is now filled with dangerous SpyLoan apps that pretend to be there to loan you money but have ulterior motives. Cybersecurity company ESET’s researchers have discovered that […]

The OnePlus 12 brings superior haptics: iPhones should beware!

OnePlus has just introduced the OnePlus 12, featuring an upgraded vibration motor called the ‘Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo.’ This new motor offers higher vibration volume and bandwidth, as well as a faster start and stop speed. The use of a new magnetic material called N54, and the latest CSA motor is the primary reason for […]

What is the process for unlocking my Fido phone?

If you purchased a phone from Fido, you have the option to unlock your device directly through Fido if you meet the eligibility requirements. These requirements include having your account in good standing and ensuring that the device is not on the national blacklist for lost or stolen wireless devices. If you meet these requirements, […]

New design revealed for Discord’s iOS and Android apps

Discord, the popular voice, video, and text chat app, has unveiled a significant revamp of its mobile app, marking a major departure from its previous iteration. The redesigned app aims to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for Discord users on the go, with a focus on enhanced navigation, improved performance, and a refreshed […]