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New Widget for Android Home Screens Will Soon Enhance Sports Fans’ Experience

Google is preparing to introduce a new home screen widget for Android phones that will be connected to the Google app. Earlier this year, Android users with the Google app installed were offered a new financial widget, and now, Google is looking to roll out a sports widget.

The sports widget will allow users to track their favorite teams and view their upcoming games, games being played at the moment, or past games. Cards are utilized to display the score of each game, along with the date/time and the league. Tapping on a card opens a knowledge graph card in Google Search.

Users will have the ability to pick which teams to follow from a list on the widget settings page, and recommendations are also made for games, teams, and leagues based on search activity. The widget can be enabled using the beta version of the Google app.

To check if the widget is available on your Android phone, long press on an open spot on your home screen and tap on the widgets option. Look for the Google app and select the Sports Widget from the list of available widgets. The widget comes in a one-column and two-column version, and can also be resized to cover the entire home screen. If the sports widget option is not yet available on your device, continue to check back for updates.

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