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Top Cell Phone Coverage in Calgary

Calgary is the third-largest municipality in Canada and has grown into a popular city for many reasons. The city offers clean air, a lively cowboy character, and great professional sports. Although winters can be cold, there are plenty of fun activities to keep you busy. Additionally, the snow makes for world-class skiing nearby.

Calgary also has generally solid cell phone coverage from Canada’s major cell phone carriers. This means you’ll have more options when choosing a plan. Read on to learn about the coverage in Calgary.

**Coverage in Calgary At-a-Glance**
Calgary earns a strong coverage score of 94 out of 100. The entire province of Alberta also has good coverage.

**Carrier Network Coverage in Calgary**
Three major networks, including Bell, Rogers, and Telus, perform excellently throughout Calgary. This means you can get great coverage from any of these carriers, as well as from the multitude of smaller carriers that run on their networks.

**Best Coverage in Calgary by Network**
– Bell: 99.87%
– Rogers: 99.82%
– Freedom: 69.32%
– Telus: 99.87%

**Cell Phone Coverage in Calgary by Area**
The most robust local carriers, Telus, Rogers, and Bell, cover nearly all of the 2,781 square kilometers of the Calgary region.

**Geographic Area Covered in Calgary**
– Bell: 99.87% (2,779 km²)
– Rogers: 99.82% (2,777 km²)
– Freedom: 69.32% (1,702 km²)
– Telus: 99.87% (2,779 km²)
(coverage data generated August 2019 from carrier maps)

**Big Carriers vs. Small Carriers in Calgary**
There are dozens of smaller carriers that run on the major networks and charge a fraction of the price for service. Known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), these carriers purchase network service from the major providers at wholesale prices and pass the savings on to consumers.

**Getting the Best Plan & Coverage**
Use our industry-leading coverage check feature to see what coverage is like at your location and filter through the available cell phone plans to find the best options for you.

**Cell Phone Carriers in Calgary**
Here’s a list of wireless carriers in Calgary, and the networks that each belongs to. Note that the smaller carriers—PhoneBox, Fido, etc.—utilize the networks of the major carriers.

**One More Thing: Using Public WiFi in Calgary**
Calgary offers free WiFi in a variety of public spaces, including libraries, museums, and parks. This is a great option for saving your cellular data.

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