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iFixit’s New Kit Allows Self-Repair of Google Pixel Fold, Saving $800

Phones Canada is excited to announce that iFixit has released a repair kit for the Google Pixel Fold. This official partnership between Google and iFixit ensures that you will receive genuine parts for your device. The repair kit specifically focuses on the inner screen, which is a complex and costly piece of technology.

The kit is available for $899.99 and includes the “Google Pixel Fold Inner Screen.” Additionally, there is a “Fix Kit” available for $909.99, which provides you with all the necessary tools for the repair. It’s an excellent deal, considering you only need to spend an extra $10 for the tools.

Included in the repair kit is the foldable display and chassis, also known as the “inner screen assembly.” You will also receive the side frame, fingerprint sensor, volume rocker, and two Pixel Fold batteries. The larger battery, known as the “Flip battery,” has a capacity of 3,267 mAh and is located under the top display. The “Base battery,” located on the back of the phone, provides 1,460 mAh of power.

For your convenience, detailed instructions and guides are included in the kit to assist you in the disassembly, replacement, and reassembly processes. Whether you need to repair the back glass, base battery, earpiece speakers, fingerprint sensor, front or rear camera, top speaker, or any other component, the kit has you covered.

With the iFixit repair kit, you can now take matters into your own hands and restore your malfunctioning Google Pixel Fold. Enjoy the satisfaction of a successful DIY repair and save money in the process.

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