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Instagram is testing a feature to allow users to control who can view their likes

Instagram plans to introduce a new privacy feature that will allow users to select who can see their likes on posts and reels. The ability to control who gets to see your likes is meant to boost privacy and, hopefully, improve engagement.

A couple of screenshots captured from a beta version of Instagram confirm the new feature will offer four different options that users can choose from. Judging from the screenshots, you will only be able to choose one option from the four presented, unless Instagram decides to change things by the time the new feature goes live for everyone.

However, the four options below offer enough variation to allow users to customize their privacy settings as they see fit:

  • Allow everyone to see likes
  • Allow people that you follow to see likes
  • Allow close friends to see likes
  • Don’t allow anyone to see likes

Instagram is testing new features all the time. Some never see the light of day, while others go through many iterations that, in some cases, change the way they originally worked. Obviously, it’s difficult to say when exactly the ability to control who is going to see your likes on posts and reels will come out, but at least we know Instagram is working on a feature that will actually be helpful to many of its users.

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