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Instagram now allows users to delete their profile independently from the platform

Because it wanted to come up with an alternative to Twitter, Meta made some compromises when it launched Threads. Apart from the lack of some basic features, Threads users had their accounts tied to their Instagram accounts.

Obviously, that meant that if you wanted to delete your Threads account, you would have to delete your Instagram account too. Meta has been working on a fix to this issue for several weeks and today Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed the problem was finally addressed.

According to Mosseri, Meta is now rolling out a way for Threads users to delete their profiles separately from their Instagram accounts. This option is available in the Threads profile / Settings / Account / Delete or Deactivate Profile, then select delete.

But wait, there’s more! Referring to a feature that makes it easy for people to see Threads posts directly on Facebook and Instagram, Mosseri announced that after hearing feedback, Meta decided to roll out a way to opt out of being featured outside Threads in Settings / Privacy.

Despite the number of new features added on a weekly basis, Threads didn’t manage to return to the initial user base of nearly 100 million. Thankfully, that didn’t stop Meta from continuing to improve Threads, so here is hoping that new feature will continue to be added in the coming months.

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