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Introducing Pitaka’s Refreshing Palette: Aramid/Carbon Fiber Cases and Watch Bands Infused with Personality!

Pitaka is a popular case maker that specializes in creating super-thin and form-fitting cases using aramid fiber, a light and durable material. Until now, Pitaka’s cases were mostly black or had a small braid of color. However, the company is now experimenting with interwoven aramid fiber and carbon fiber constructions, resulting in unique-looking cases with a touch of character.

During this year’s IFA, we had the opportunity to see these new cases, and the good news is that Pitaka has also extended its range to include Apple Watch straps. Additionally, the company has introduced limited edition colored phone cases for the iPhone 14, which were a huge success and quickly sold out. This positive response indicates that we can expect more colorful cases in the Pitaka MagEZ ecosystem, not only for the iPhone but also for popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel. Furthermore, MagEZ cases for these models will incorporate magnetic latching properties, even for non-MagSafe phones.

Sold out Sunset Moment case model

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