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Keep Thieves Out of Your iPhone and Banking Apps with New iOS 17.3 Feature

Apple recently released the first iOS 17.3 developer beta, and it comes with a new feature called Stolen Device Protection. This feature is designed to prevent iPhone thieves from accessing a stolen device. This is done by requiring Face ID or Touch ID when the iPhone is at a location that is not usually associated with the device’s owner.

Actions such as viewing passwords, wiping the phone, creating a new Apple ID password, and accessing payment methods will require biometric approval when the iPhone is in an unusual location. Stolen Device Protection also prevents users from signing in with their passcode if Face ID or Touch ID fails.

Other actions that require biometric approval when Stolen Device Protection is enabled include applying for an Apple Card, turning off Lost Mode, and using payment methods stored in Safari. These actions are delayed one hour if the user needs to change their Apple ID password, giving them time to report the phone stolen.

To enable Stolen Device Protection on the first developer beta of iOS 17.3, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Stolen Device Protection.

Overall, Stolen Device Protection is a new security feature aimed at preventing iPhone theft and unauthorized access to sensitive information. If Apple decides to keep this feature in the final version of iOS 17.3, most iPhone users can expect to see it sometime early next year.

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