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Latest Android 14 beta causing fingerprint scanner to malfunction for some Pixel 7 Pro users

Some users of the Pixel 7 Pro have reported that the new Android 14 beta update has caused issues with the fingerprint scanners on their phones. The problem seems to be affecting only the Pixel 7 Pro, with some users receiving error messages indicating that the fingerprint sensor is no longer working. This is a significant problem as the fingerprint sensor is a convenient and quick way to unlock the device and access apps. While Google has not yet addressed the issue, some users have proposed a fix that has worked for some but not all affected users. If you are experiencing this problem, you may want to try calibrating the fingerprint scanner on your Pixel 7 Pro using a PC and backing up your data. Alternatively, you may also consider unenrolling from the beta program and reverting to the stable version, although this could result in data loss.

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