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New Android Flagship Boasts Smaller Bezels Than iPhone 15 Pro: The Ultimate All-Screen Smartphone Arrives

Another day, another exciting Chinese flagship announcement! This time it’s the Meizu 21, the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagship to get announced in the Far East. Apart from the powerful chipset, the phone sports a very interesting design with almost no bezel around the screen. In fact, Meizu says the bezel is just 1.74 mm on all sides, and the display is interrupted only by the hole-punch selfie camera, taking us closer to the all-screen smartphone dream.

Let’s see what else the Meizu 21 can offer now that it has our attention, shall we? The design of the phone is reminiscent of the Galaxy S-series from the past two generations, with separate camera holes and a vertical orientation of the main camera system. What’s interesting is that the bottom camera features an RGB flash ring. Meizu says it’s an evolution of the Aicy Smart Ring system and it can produce various light effects during music playback, games, and also serve as a notification light. The frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum and sports a flat design, much like what we expect from the Galaxy S24. Meizu also boasts a new “Boundless Antenna System 2.0” that enhances signal performance by 30% compared to the Meizu 20 series.

On the display front, we have a 6.55-inch Samsung-made OLED screen with a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate, peak brightness of 1,800 nits, and HDR10+ support. It’s worth mentioning that Meizu normally launches a Pro model right after the official vanilla announcement, so expect more impressive specs on the Pro. The camera system uses a 200MP Samsung sensor (Samsung S5KHP3) for the main camera, that the Korean company launched not long ago, and that is aimed at upper-midrange phones, and, as we can see, flagships as well. It’s a 1/1.4” sensor with 0.56 micron pixel size and capable of recording 8K at 30fps, as well as 7.5fps burst shots at 200MP. The battery capacity is 4,800 mAh, and the phone supports up to 80W of wired fast charging. Available in four colors, including Boundless Black, Meizu White, Green, and Spirit Purple, the phone will go on sale on December 5, with no word on a global release. As we stated above, bear in mind that there might be a Meizu 21 Pro model waiting to get its five minutes of fame, so stay tuned.

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