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New Journal App Now Available for iPhone Users: Is it Worth Using When You Already Have the Notes App?

The iOS 17.2 update is here, and with it comes a new app called Journal. As we wind down 2024, it’s a great time to reflect and consider why you might need a Journal app on your iPhone, especially considering the existence of the Notes app. Let’s discuss.

Is journaling different than taking notes?

Journaling has been a practice for some time, originally done in diaries and notebooks that were kept hidden. Journaling is a form of self-reflection, helping you to understand yourself and identify areas for personal growth. On the other hand, taking notes is a more administrative task, primarily used to help you remember tasks and to-do lists.

While physical notebooks are no longer used as frequently, the new Journal app is designed to assist in this area, with the ability to easily add photos, videos, and other media to your entries. This can be a helpful tool for self-reflection, allowing you to look back and gain a greater understanding of yourself and your emotions.

It’s a busy world…

With the constant demands of work, family, and other responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time for self-reflection. The Journal app can serve as a reminder to take this time for yourself and even offers suggestions to get started.

Journaling challenge: let’s try this out!

You may be skeptical of the Journal app’s benefits, but to truly experience the rewards of journaling, it must be done regularly over time. Try the following challenge: commit to making at least one entry each day for 14 days. Then, take some time to review your entries and consider what inspires you, what makes you angry, and what you can improve about yourself. This exercise can help provide valuable insights into your own thoughts and emotions.

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