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New Shopping Feature Introduced to Pixel 8 Series Phones through Pixel’s At a Glance Widget

The At A Glance widget on Pixel devices provides users with important information right on their home screen. This includes weather conditions, ride-share and package delivery statuses, earthquake warnings, alarm and timer details, and even an image from your doorbell camera. Recently, a new toggle called “At a store” has been spotted on the widget, which brings a new shopping feature to the Pixel phone.

With the “At a store” feature enabled, the At A Glance widget will provide you with shopping lists and Google Pay reward cards when you’re in supported stores. However, it’s unclear whether the widget imports shopping lists from Google Keep, which is a popular app for creating shopping lists.

To toggle on the new “At a store” feature, you need to access the At A Glance settings page. This can be done by long-pressing on the empty space next to the At A Glance widget on your home screen. A pop-up will appear with two options: About this content and Customize. Tap on Customize and it will take you to the Home settings page. From there, click on the At A Glance Settings gear icon to access the At A Glance settings page, where you’ll find the “At a store” toggle among 21 other toggles.

Please note that currently, the “At a store” toggle is only available for the Pixel 8 series. To check if you have this feature enabled, make sure you’re running version U.11.playstore.pixel8.570642812 of the Android System Intelligence app. You can check the version by going to Settings > Apps > See all xxx apps and scrolling down to Android System Intelligence. If you don’t have the required version, you can update the app from the Play Store.

Google has made the At A Glance settings menu more user-friendly by organizing all 21 toggles under one heading. Some of the other toggles available include weather, air quality, travel, alerts, bedtime, earthquake alert, fitness, upcoming events, safety check, work profile, timer & stopwatch, food and household orders, connected devices, package delivery, commute, doorbell, time to leave, flashlight, and ridesharing.

Overall, the new “At a store” feature on the At A Glance widget adds a convenient shopping experience to Pixel 8 series phones. Make sure to check if this feature is available on your device and update the Android System Intelligence app if needed.

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