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Next year, Huawei could be the first to debut a triple-folding smartphone

Prepare for a groundbreaking shift in the foldable smartphone landscape as rumors swirl around Huawei’s upcoming venture into the world of triple-foldable devices.

Renowned tipster Revegnus, as reported by Android Headlines, shared on X that Huawei is actively working on a triple-fold smartphone. Adding to the intrigue, the tipster suggests that Samsung is also in the race to create a similar design.

Sources indicate that Huawei’s development of the triple-folding device is progressing smoothly, with a potential launch slated for before March next year. Interestingly, the grapevine hints at the unveiling of not one but two such devices in 2024.

Adding his insights to the discussion, renowned analyst Ross Young noted on X that Huawei’s triple-folding device initially had to be released at the end of 2023. However, apparently, unforeseen delays have pushed the launch date a bit further into the future.As mentioned earlier, the post highlights Samsung’s parallel efforts on a triple-foldable smartphone, expected to hit the market after Huawei’s release, potentially in 2025.

The concept of a triple-folding phone suggests an expansive screen when unfolded, potentially serving as a tablet. This naturally raises questions about the device’s thickness. Traditional book-style foldable smartphones are often critiqued for their thickness, especially when compared to regular smartphones. So, you can probably imagine that a triple-folding smartphone would not be any slimmer, right?

However, Huawei takes pride in being the manufacturer behind one of the slimmest foldable smartphones on the market. The Huawei Mate X3 boasts a sleek 11.08mm thickness when folded. While the Honor Magic V2 clinches the title for the slimmest foldable, measuring an impressive 9.9mm. In comparison, competitors like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 come in at 13.4mm, and the Pixel Fold follows closely with a thickness of 12.1mm.

Given Huawei’s success in slimming down its existing foldable lineup, the anticipation builds for what the company can achieve with a triple-folding device. As the world’s first device in this category, Huawei might opt for a global launch, but only time will tell. Stay tuned for updates as the foldable future unfolds.

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