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One UI 6.1 Feature Keeps Galaxy Handset Batteries Healthy

Samsung is currently working on rolling out One UI 6.0/Android 14 to eligible Galaxy smartphones. However, there are already rumors about a potential feature that could be included in One UI 6.1. According to tipster Tarun Vats, One UI 6.1 may include a “Protect Battery” toggle designed to maintain the health of the battery on Galaxy phones.

This feature will offer three settings. The “Basic” setting will stop charging the battery once it reaches 100% and resume charging at 95%. The “Adaptive” setting will charge the phone to 80% while the user is sleeping and complete charging to 100% just before they wake up. The “Max” setting will simply stop charging at 80%, which is expected to help preserve the battery’s health.

Samsung is known for releasing beta versions of its software updates before the official launch. Likewise, One UI 6.1 is likely to undergo a beta release before the final update is rolled out. The One UI is Samsung’s Android skin, allowing users to customize their Galaxy phones and providing a one-handed operation mode for users with smaller hands.

The beta program for One UI 6.1 should commence soon, following the release of One UI 5.1 in February. It is expected that the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra will be the first devices eligible for the One UI 6.1 beta update.

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