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Only these smartphones will receive Google Assistant’s initial support for overcoming texter’s block and meme culture

During the recent Made by Google event, our team at Phones Canada was excited to learn about the new and improved version of Google Assistant. This update includes the introduction of Bard, a generative AI chatbot that aims to enhance the Assistant’s capabilities. While Google Assistant is already proficient in handling basic tasks like answering questions and scheduling events, it struggles when faced with more complex inquiries. That’s where Bard comes in, providing high-quality responses to ensure a better user experience.

Google Assistant with Bard will combine the smarts of Bard with the personalized help of Assistant. This integration will result in a more intuitive assistant that caters to individual needs. Users can expect a more personalized experience as Assistant with Bard will be integrated with popular services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Docs.

According to recent findings by 9to5Google, the upcoming Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, as well as the forthcoming Galaxy S24 series, will be the first devices to receive the revamped Assistant. Additionally, support for Pixel 6 and future Google devices is in the works. This suggests that initially, only Tensor-powered phones will be compatible with Assistant with Bard. Following that, Galaxy S23 owners will have access to this smarter personal assistant. Eventually, it will be made available to a wider range of devices.

During the testing phase, 9to5Google believes that users will have the option to opt-in for this new experience, possibly through Google Labs.

The recent Google app version 14.41 also includes examples of queries that users can ask Assistant with Bard. Some examples include:

– Help explain why rainbows appear in a kid-friendly way.
– Explain the term “canon event” as a social trend expert in internet slang and memes. Provide a clear definition, explain its usage, and offer a few examples.
– Draft an email to accept a job offer as a Social Media Manager and negotiate a later start date.
– Outline a social media post for your network about a summer internship.
– Assistance in incorporating more plant-based options into your diet.

We are thrilled for the upcoming availability of Google Assistant with Bard on select Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting feature rolls out to more smartphones.

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