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Pixel 8’s value plummets within a month of launch, while iPhone 15 surpasses iPhone 14 in success.

No matter the cost, smartphones start losing their value as soon as they are unboxed. So how is the value retention of the Apple iPhone 15 and Google Pixel 8 holding up? According to data gathered and analyzed by smartphone trade-in site SellCell, it appears that the iPhone 15 is depreciating at a slower rate than the Pixel 8 duo.

The surprising part is the rate at which they are depreciating. Since its release in late September, the iPhone 15 series has already lost 28.8% of its value. This means that on average, an iPhone 15 model is worth $338 less than it was just a month ago.

While the iPhone 15 is not losing value as rapidly as the iPhone 14, it is not performing as well as the iPhone 13 in terms of value retention. A month after its release, the iPhone 13 had only depreciated by 18.7%.

In comparison to the iPhone 15, the Pixel 8 series is experiencing a much higher rate of depreciation. Within ten days of its release, the Pixel 8 lost a staggering 63.7% of its value. This indicates that it is depreciating at more than double the rate of the iPhone 15.

Although both the iPhone 15 and Pixel 8 are excellent phones that will be supported for years to come, it is unlikely that many people will hold onto these devices for their entire supported lifespan. However, even if you plan to keep your phone for two to three years, there is no need to worry about the depreciation rate. It’s worth noting that it can still sting a little to see the value of your device decrease.

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