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Potential Future Feature: Chrome for Android Could Have the Capability to Recognize Boarding Passes for Convenient Addition to Your Wallet

Google is working on a new feature that may simplify the process of adding boarding passes to Google Wallet on Android. The feature is currently in the experimental phase and is hidden within the Chrome Canary app.

The new flag, discovered by AssembleDebug from the GApps Flags & Leaks community on Telegram, scans open tabs in Chrome Canary to detect boarding pass information. It specifically looks for URLs that match those of airlines listed by Google and checks for boarding pass data, such as QR codes and barcodes.

Once the flag detects boarding pass information, it prompts the user to add the pass to their Google Wallet. This could potentially streamline the process of adding boarding passes to Google Wallet, eliminating the need for manual entry or screenshots.

While the Boarding Pass Detector flag (#boarding-pass-detector) is currently inactive and only present in the Canary build of Chrome for Android (version 121.0.6145.0), it’s a clear indication that Google is exploring ways to enhance boarding pass management within Google Wallet. The feature could be particularly useful for frequent travelers who frequently receive boarding passes electronically.

For those not familiar, Chrome Canary for Android is an unstable and experimental version of the Chrome browser for Android devices. It is designed for developers and early adopters who want to try out the latest features and bug fixes before they are released to the stable version of Chrome. Chrome Canary is updated multiple times per week and may contain bugs that can cause the browser to crash or behave unexpectedly. It is not recommended for everyday use.

The exact timeline for the Boarding Pass Detector’s rollout remains unclear. However, the presence of the flag suggests that Google is actively working on the feature and could introduce it in a future Chrome for Android update.

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