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Quick Settings tile in development for Android to facilitate SIM card swapping for data

Android will make swapping active SIM or eSIM cards a Quick Settings thing

Google is working on a useful feature for future Android versions. Swapping between two active SIM cards (or eSIM) will become easier and hassle free. Right now, if you want to switch between one SIM to another, like if you’re traveling, or to switch back and forth takes some time. You need to open the Settings app, go to Network and Internet Settings, pick a SIM, then you need to set your preference for mobile data and/or calls. However, that’s a hassle especially if you want things done quickly. And it becomes even more annoying if you’re in a hurry. However, Google has taken the issue into account, and has confirmed in the Issue Tracker that it will be taken care of. In the future, Android will have a new Quick Settings tile that lets you switch between active SIMs for data purposes quick and easy.

It is possible that Android 14’s QPR1 release may be a chance to give a shot to this opportunity and to try it out. Well, we can’t confirm that though.

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