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Rare First Gen iPhone Fetches $176,000 CAD, Apple Watch Sold for $3,750 CAD • Discover the Latest Telecom Treasures on Phones Canada Blog

If you’ve ever held onto a first-generation sealed iPhone from Apple, you might be sitting on a goldmine without even realizing it. The latest LCG Auctions Spring Premier Auction recently concluded, and Apple products in 13 lots fetched an impressive total of $252,000 CAD ($186,000 USD). Here are some key highlights from the auction:

– A sealed first-generation iPhone with 4GB storage sold for over $130,000 USD.
– An 1980’s Apple Briefcase, gifted by co-founder Steve Jobs, went for $7,783 USD.
– A factory-sealed first-generation Apple Watch fetched $2,761 USD.
– Steve Jobs’ 8th Grade Yearbook was sold for $1,417 USD.

And for all the G.I. Joe fans out there, the U.S.S. Flagg AFA U85 (Highest Graded) from 1985 set a new record by selling for over $41,000 USD. It’s a reminder to take good care of your collectibles – you never know what they might be worth someday.

These astonishing prices show the enduring popularity and value of Apple products and other collectibles in the tech world. Whether you’re a collector or simply intrigued by the evolving tech landscape, it’s fascinating to see how items from the past can become highly sought-after treasures today. Keep an eye out for any vintage tech items you may have tucked away – they could be more valuable than you think!

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