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Rumored OnePlus Watch 2: A Fresh Start for OnePlus in 2024

OnePlus Watch 2 Rumors

With a 6.5/10 score and Cons outnumbering the Pros, our review for the OnePlus Watch is titled “Stylishly simple” – the battery life, the design and the detailed display are nice, but the device is plagued by bugs, lack of features, and feels like a rushed and unfinished job. Others are not so benevolent, denouncing it as a “bit of train wreck” and a “glorified fitness tracker”, rather than a proper smartwatch. That’s why OnePlus might spend the end of 2023 back at the drawing board, working on what’s to be allegedly the OnePlus Watch 2 (via 9to5Google). The rumor has it that such a device could come in 2024, but no date or even a possible month is mentioned.

The reputable leakster Max Jambox over at X hints at a possible watch in one of his recent tweets, commenting on OnePlus’ fascination with the circular shape. There is absolutely no information whatsoever about the possible Watch 2 and its specifications; OnePlus fans hope to find a proper WearOS there.

The OG OnePlus Watch runs a custom operating system – clean, but not very smart. There’s no third-party software allowed, the watch faces are a total of just 15. The included apps/features are quite basic, too.

The OnePlus Watch doesn’t come equipped with cellular connectivity but it can make and receive calls if it’s tethered to its mothership phone. The quality of the speaker is actually quite decent and so is the onboard microphone. You can’t use the speaker to listen to music, though – you need Bluetooth earphones paired for this. The One Plus Watch has 4GB of internal storage.

On the hardware front, OnePlus’ first attempt at smartwatch building sports a 1.39″, 454 x 454 HD, AMOLED display with a pixel density of 326ppi. It’s very sharp and detailed but unfortunately – not very bright, especially if you use the auto setting. If you manually activate the high-brightness mode, the watch can output up to 440 nits and everything is better, even under direct sunlight.

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