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Rumors speculate that Apple Pencil 3 may feature a magnetic tip replacement capability

Back in 2021, there were pretty convincing rumors that a well-known tech company was about to release the third-generation Apple Pencil. However, the rumors proved false as the accessory was never announced. Two years later, prolific tipster Majin Bu (via AppleInsider) has posted that he’s been told some information by a source about the Apple Pencil 3. The source says that the big feature will be the interchangeable magnetic tips available for the device.

The currently available first and second generations of the Apple Pencil do have an exchangeable nib that can be replaced if it wears down. Also, there are third-party tip replacement options that can change the look of content written using the Apple Pencil on the iPad. Majin Bu’s tweet says that the magnetic tip replacements for the Apple Pencil 3 would offer options for drawing, technical drawing, and painting.

The tweet also shows three examples of what these tips might look like. The difference in the thickness of the tips will come into play although there could be other differences, including the material used, that will produce different styles depending on which of the three is employed on the accessory at a given time. The beauty of the system is, if the rumor is true, by using magnets, Apple will make it quick and easy to change tips on the Apple Pencil 3.

The rumored third-gen Apple Pencil, which as we said, never was announced by the company, and was rumored to look exactly like the second-generation pencil with more precision and greater battery life. Those two features will hopefully still end up on the next Apple Pencil. Also of note, Apple received a patent in 2021 for a feature that allowed interchangeable nibs, and not just to replace worn ones, so this increases the odds that we will see what Majin Bu is writing about when Apple unveils its next pencil.

Apple also filed a patent application for an Apple Pencil that could copy the texture and color of an item and send the data to a laptop (or iPad) where it could be used to draw on the screen using the look of drawing on that texture, and in the same color copied.

We don’t expect to see Apple release any new iPad models until next year; if the Apple Pencil 3 doesn’t surface in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season, we should expect it to be offered in the first half of next year alongside the iPad Pro (2024).

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