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RV Runs Over iPhone 15 Pro Max, Yet Device Remains Fully Operational

The Impressive Build Quality of the iPhone

The build quality of the iPhone is impressive. The top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Pro Max is built like a tank. But no matter how well a phone is built, there are some battles that the device is going to lose even if it is wearing the toughest case available.

And one of those battles was experienced by an iPhone 15 Pro Max owned by a Reddit user with the handle “LillePuus1” who accidentally ran over his iPhone with an RV that can weigh tens of thousands of pounds.

Ran over my 15 Pro Max with an RV by accident

The heading of the post says “Ran over my 15 Pro Max with an RV by accident” and the photo that “LillePuus1” shares on the social media platform tells the story. The screen is cracked all over making it unsafe to be used and the giant stripe running down the middle of the display is a huge obstacle in the way. Here’s the thing though, despite the accident, the phone is fully functional and the Reddit post was created by the damaged machine.

Reactions from Reddit Users

As usual, some of the citizens of Reddit were quick to crack jokes about the situation. More than one Redditor told the device owner to put the phone in rice, a joke based on the controversial suggestion that putting a water-damaged phone in a bowl of rice will draw out the liquid and save the phone. Another subscriber, no doubt an Android fan, said, “This is the only time in recent memory it made me happy to see the iPhone 15 pop up in my news feed.”

Others shared their stories about accidents they had with their phones including one guy who left his iPhone on top of a car and drove off. That device was completely non-operable after hitting the roadway.

The Phone Still Functions Despite Damage

The device owner did say that the photo of the damaged iPhone that he shared is truly “a disturbing image.” And while his iPhone 15 Pro Max has a severely damaged display and the battery is not as exceptional as it was before the accident, the phone still functions. The news gets better; the owner of the damaged iPhone has insurance in force that will completely cover the cost of repairing the device or replacing it with a new unit.

Get AppleCare+ Coverage for Your iPhone 15

Here’s a timely reminder. If you’ve owned your iPhone 15 for less than 60 days, you can still subscribe to AppleCare+. You can do this directly from your iPhone by tapping on Settings. There should be an option to “Add AppleCare+ coverage” if your iPhone is still eligible.

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