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Samsung’s Announcement: Anticipating the Smartest Phone of 2024 – Galaxy S24 Introduces Cutting-edge AI Experiences

Samsung, known for its innovative use of artificial intelligence, has announced its plans to introduce AI technology as a new experience in its devices starting in 2024. This comes as Google currently leads the way in AI implementation with its Pixel phones. Unlike Apple, Google actively promotes the use of AI in its devices.

It is speculated that the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, expected to be announced in January next year, will showcase Samsung’s AI technology. There is also a possibility that the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip 6 might serve as platforms to test this upgrade. However, it would make more sense for Samsung to include such a significant feature in its flagship lineup.

Samsung aims to utilize generative AI in its new phones, offering on-device functionality without the need for an internet connection. This generative AI, developed by Samsung, would enable users to carry out services through simple commands. Similar plans have also been rumored for Apple in 2024, while Google is expected to enhance its use of generative AI with the upcoming Pixel 9 series.

With multiple major players venturing into generative AI, 2024 could be an interesting year for mobile phones. This technology has the potential to bring about significant changes in the market.

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