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Should you change your iPhone’s search engine? Discover the top reasons why you should consider it!

Which Search Engine is Best for Safari on iOS 17?

The talk of the town is the latest Apple-branded family of flagships: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. With how popular iPhones are, of course these managed to climb their way to the top of the best smartphones chart almost instantly.

But here’s the deal: that sweet, sweet “new phone” feeling isn’t just about improved hardware — or awesome feeling materials like titanium. It’s about software too. I mean, it isn’t a coincidence that iOS 17 was released just days before the iPhone 15 series became available. And, pardon my French, but iOS 17 is awesome. It brought a ton of new and fun tricks to Apple’s ecosystem like Stand By, which can turn your iPhone into the best bedside clock or the ability to create unique stickers for use in Messages. But iOS also allows users to change their default search engine.

What search engines are available in Safari on iOS 17?

Google is cool and all, but alternatives exist. Could any of them possibly be better? I don’t know! Which is why I’m taking you on this journey with me to find out.

So, for starters, here are the search engines that you can pick from in Safari on iOS 17:

Search Engine Description
Google The gold standard
Yahoo The one that wants to make you scream in excitement
Bing Microsoft’s very own competitor to the Big G
DuckDuckGo The best pick for paranoid web surfers
Ecosia The one that druids will love, because it actually plants trees

So, all of these are search engines. That means that they can take what you’re searching for — known as a search query — and then run it through their very own, unique algorithm in order to produce the results that best suit your needs. But, of course, you can’t get good results by searching for things the wrong way. Even though Google has gotten great at figuring out songs by lyrics or even you type out things like “Song that goes NA NA NANA NANANA” — foreshadowing, by the way — the point is that the search engine isn’t capable of actually reading your mind.

The Method to my Madness

So! Our job today, class, is to figure out which one out of the search engines available on iOS 17’s version of Safari is best for you. And keep that in mind! The goal here isn’t to find out which is the best one in general, as they are quite different.

But in order to find out how they are different, we’re going to have to search for things. A lot! So here’s the list of queries that I’m going to run through each and every one of these search engines in order to gauge the results.

  • iPhone 15 review phone arena
  • What is water made out of
  • Is soap dirty
  • Song that goes na nanana nanana nanananananana
  • Woodstock when
  • Vr game
  • Best VR game
  • Best VR games for Quest 3
  • What is the most financially successful VR game for 2022
  • Chicken or egg
  • Calculator online
  • Tool to tune guitars
  • What’s a tool that tunes guitars
  • Pointing Spiderman meme
  • Best search engine 2023

Most of these are self explanatory, but others have been specially curated by yours truly to demonstrate specific features. While with some I’m aiming to gauge how the specificity of the query changes the results, with others I’m trying to check if the search engine wants to send me shopping or not. Oh, and just for the record: autocorrect is turned off and the minor errors that you may notice are completely intentional. Also, I’ll be prioritizing the topmost result, but may feature the topmost several ones, if something interesting happens to come up.

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that I’m taking all necessary precautions in order for all of these search engines to not share cookies with one another, meaning that the results will be as pure as possible. Also, I’m doing this on a freshly reset iPhone, so it doesn’t know much about me yet either.

The actually interesting results

I know that you can’t wait to see what the difference between the search engines available on Safari in iOS 17 are, so without further ado, here’s the entire thing:

Query Google Yahoo Bing DuckDuckGo Ecosia
iPhone 15 review phone arena Found it instantly, first for the base model and then for the 15 Pro Brings up iPhone 15’s page, but at Apple’s official website Brings up GSMArena’s iPhone 15 review Brings up our review of the iPhone 15 Showcases a review, but done by GSMArena
What is water made out of A TL;DR with a highlight of the formula Redirects to a definition of the word “water” Big letters: H2O Provides a useful TL;DR sourced from Wikipedia Proudly stated: Water
Is soap dirty “It’s dirty, but that doesn’t make it a health hazard” Properly changes my query to “Does soap get dirty” and provides a TL;DR with a source. Suggests a video on the topic of “How dirty is soap” Provides a series of results, all properly interpreting the question as “Is it possible for Soap to get dirty?” Gets the memo and brings up info on used soap’s sanitation status
Song that goes na nanana nanana nanananananana Properly brought up My Chemical Romance’s hit song with this specific pronunciation used in its chrorus Sends me to a Reddit post (where the Redittors didn’t guess my song either) Says it’s “Land of a thousand dances”, which isn’t exactly true, but just under that it properly guesses that it’s a song by MCR Redirects me to Reddit once more, where the guess is wrong Didn’t guess and instead sends me to Reddit
Woodstock when Info card with a direct response, followed by more info and related queries Brings up Wikipedia Brings up a neatly designed TL;DR from Wikipedia with some qucklinks Brings up the Wiki article on the topic No TL;DR: just the Wikipedia article
Vr game Suggests a list of games, with Beat Saber on top

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