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Spotify Introduces Collaborative “Jam” Feature Allowing Real-Time Playlist Collaboration

Phones Canada is excited to share with you the latest feature from Spotify called “Jam.” This new feature allows Premium subscribers to create collaborative playlists with their friends in real-time. Gone are the days when everyone at a party wants to play their favorite songs or the newest singles they just discovered. Now, with Jam, you can create a playlist together and add songs that everyone would like to hear next.

Starting a Jam is exclusive to Premium users, but both Premium and free users can receive invites and join in on the musical collaboration. Whether your friends are in the same room or on the other side of the world, they can easily jump into the Jam and contribute to the playlist.

One of the great things about Jam is that it suggests songs based on your personal preferences. So, even if you’re not sure what song to add next, Spotify has got your back. And if you’re the one who started the Jam, you have the power to rearrange tracks and veto any songs that don’t fit the party vibe.

During the Jam, all participants can see who added each song, and they will also receive song recommendations based on their own taste on their own devices. This makes the collaboration even more personalized and enjoyable for everyone involved.

To start your Jam, simply pick a playlist or song as your starting point. Look for the “Start a Jam” button, which can be found by tapping the speaker icon at the bottom or clicking the three-dot menu in your favorite playlist, album, or song.

If your friends are on the same Wi-Fi network, they will receive an invite as soon as they open Spotify. Alternatively, you can sync up via Bluetooth by tapping your phones together, have your friends scan the Jam’s QR code, or simply share the link through social media, text, or other communication channels.

Jam is already rolling out on Spotify, so ensure that your app is up to date to take advantage of this exciting new feature. While it is similar to Spotify’s Collaborative playlists, the key difference is that Jam happens in real-time, making your music sessions more lively and interactive.

We hope you enjoy using Jam to create collaborative playlists with your friends. Let’s make every party a musical journey that everyone can contribute to and enjoy!

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