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The OnePlus 12’s New Battery and Charging Features: Introducing Wireless Charging!

OnePlus made waves with the OnePlus Open earlier this year, and now it is trying to do the same with its latest flagship, the OnePlus 12. Of course, as many of you might already be aware, the company is well known for its extensive expertise in charging and battery tech, so it goes without saying that these two aspects are some of the strongest pros with the OnePlus 12.

Buyers of the OnePlus 12 will get extremely fast charging and a humongous battery, so at least on paper things are looking absolutely amazing as far as battery life and charging speeds go.

Now, it is important to mention that the company is first launching the OnePlus 12 in the Chinese market, with a global release coming soon. Why is that important? Well, because OnePlus flagship phones tend to have some small differences between markets, particularly in the U.S. market. For example, the OnePlus 11 came with 80W charging instead of 100W like in the rest of the world.

How much battery does the OnePlus 12 have?

OnePlus has been steadily increasing its battery capacity over the last generations, and by no small margin at that. The OnePlus 10T came with a 4,800mAh battery inside, then the OnePlus 11 was upgraded with a 5,000mAh capacity. These are some large batteries, but the OnePlus 12 topples them with its 5,400mAh battery!

Does the OnePlus 12 have better battery life?

The OnePlus 12 comes with a battery that is somehow even larger than the massive 5,000mAh one inside the OnePlus 11. In fact, we are talking about 5,400mAh here, which simply leaves us baffled about how they managed to fit so much battery into such a thin phone!

Suffice it to say, we expect to see even better numbers when we put the OnePlus 12 through our dedicated battery benchmarking tests. What’s more, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset should further add to a longer battery life thanks to its improved power efficiency, potentially resulting in a phone that can last two days of use, while still offering outstanding performance.

OnePlus 12 charging speed

When it comes to wired charging, OnePlus didn’t introduce any big upgrades over the last two generations. The OnePlus 12 comes with the same 100W maximum charging speed that the OnePlus 11 had. OnePlus claims that this is enough power to juice up the phone from 0-100% real quick.

Does the OnePlus 12 have wireless charging?

OnePlus has finally added wireless charging to its flagship phone with the OnePlus 12, and it can go up to a beastly 50W! For context, the OnePlus 11 did not have wireless charging, and neither did the OnePlus 10T.

Does the OnePlus 12 have reverse wireless charging?

Yes, the OnePlus 12 supports 10W wireless charging! This is plenty fast to charge a pair of wireless earbuds or another phone.

What charger does the OnePlus 12 use?

The Chinese version of the OnePlus 12 comes with a 100W Supervooc charger in the box, but the U.S. version will most likely come with a 80W equivalent, just like with the previous generation. That said, the difference in terms of how long it will take to charge the phone should be minimal.

In order to make use of OnePlus 12’s 50W wireless
charging, you have to get the OnePlus Airvooc 50W wireless charger. Other wireless chargers will still work, but will only be able to charge the OnePlus 12 at a maximum of 15W.


Since we are talking about a OnePlus flagship here, it is no surprise that the OnePlus 12 has a 100W fast charging. This year OnePlus has also added in a feature that was painfully lacking from its high-end series lately, wireless charging, and it is super fast at 50W.

The company has also made a significant jump in the battery capacity department, upgrading to a 5,400mAh battery, the largest put inside a OnePlus phone so far. Paired with the power-efficient Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 from Qualcomm, this should mean noticeable increase in battery life.

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