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Thread’s keyword search expands to include English and Spanish speaking countries

Threads keyword search expands to more countries today

The feature is pretty basic, but nonetheless, introducing it is a step in the right direction for the new social media app. Before having the possibility to search using keywords, users were limited only to searching for other user accounts. That limitation mostly comes from the fact that Threads is based on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t really need a very specific text-based search anyway, given the fact it’s a photo and video-focused app.

It seems like for now, most English and Spanish-speaking countries will be getting the feature. That, unfortunately, excludes users in the European Union for now, given the fact that Meta’s had some issues with regulations from the EU on data protection. However, it is unclear exactly which countries are getting the feature now, and when will the other ones get it.

All in all though, Threads is now on the way to becoming a better alternative to X. Meta’s Twitter-like app was launched in the summer, and has since been updated to include a chronological timeline and desktop access.

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