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Top 2023 Phone Backs for Street Cred: PhoneArena’s Rankings

It’s no secret that phone designs have evolved over the years to become more eye-catching and artistic. The back of a phone, once just a functional afterthought, has now become a canvas to showcase innovative design and style. A quick scroll through our PhoneArena 2023 Awards reveals exciting rear looks of phones that are not only stuffed with technology but are also design inspirations.

Oppo Find X6 Pro: The Oppo Find X6 Pro flagship features a giant round camera island with Hasselblad branding that immediately catches the eye. The two-tone faux leather and aluminum back exudes style and sophistication, making it a standout in terms of phone design.

Nothing Phone 2: Carl Pei’s Nothing Phone line stands out with its transparent rear plate, allowing a glimpse of the well-arranged internals and cool LED game. It’s a unique and innovative approach to phone design that sets it apart from the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: Samsung’s 2023 foldable display clamshell impressed with its organic light-emitting diodes splattered across the whole upper half of the phone, ushering in a new era of cover screen designs.

iPhone 15 Pro Max: Apple remains comparatively boring with its phone backs, but their designs quickly become a recognition staple and a status symbol. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is a symbol of sophistication and class, making it a sought-after device despite its relatively unexciting back design.

In a world where phones are primarily judged by their front display, it’s refreshing to see companies put effort into crafting beautiful and innovative phone backs. Whether it’s Oppo’s stylish design, Nothing’s transparent rear plate, Samsung’s foldable display clamshell, or Apple’s iconic status symbol, phone backs have become an integral part of phone design and recognition.

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