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Unlock Faster Charging with iOS 17.4 Update for iPhone 12 on Phones Canada Blog

The latest iOS 17.4 update quietly brought a significant upgrade to iPhone 12 users – the ability to charge wirelessly at full 15W speed when connected to a non-MagSafe Qi2 charger. This exciting development, reported by MacWorld, has not been officially announced by Apple but is making waves in the tech community.

With this update, iPhone 12 joins its successors, the iPhone 13 and 14, in supporting Qi2 wireless charging technology. Inspired by Apple’s MagSafe, Qi2 offers improved efficiency and magnetic alignment features for a seamless charging experience. Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium with input from Apple, this technology ensures compatibility and performance enhancements for wireless charging.

Despite initial reports excluding the iPhone 12 from retroactive support for Qi2, tests following the iOS 17.4 update show that it can achieve charging speeds comparable to Apple-certified MagSafe chargers when paired with Qi2 chargers. While Apple has not officially acknowledged this support in their release notes, real-world tests have proven its effectiveness.

In comparative testing conducted by Macworld, Qi2 chargers showed similar or even slightly better charging times than MagSafe chargers for devices like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Official accessory partners like Belkin have updated their compatibility notes to include iPhone 12 in their lists of Qi2 charger-compatible devices. However, some manufacturers like Anker have expressed uncertainty about the iPhone 12’s compatibility with Qi2 due to design differences predating its introduction.

As we continue to see advancements in wireless charging technology, it’s exciting to witness how older devices like the iPhone 12 can benefit from these innovations through software updates like iOS 17.4. Stay tuned for more updates on cutting-edge tech developments in the world of mobile devices!

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