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Spotify Partners with Educational Tech Giants to Bring Video Courses to UK Users

Spotify is teaming up with educational tech leaders like BBC Maestro and Skillshare to offer diverse educational content to its user base, starting in the UK. This exciting initiative aims to enrich users’ experience by providing them with video courses alongside their favorite music and podcasts.

Key Points:

– The courses cover a wide range of topics, including music production, creativity, business skills, and healthy living.
– Babar Zafar, Spotify’s VP of Product Development, emphasized the platform’s commitment to meeting users’ diverse needs through video-based learning.
– Spotify aims to leverage its highly engaged community, which already enjoys podcasts and audiobooks for learning purposes.
– Approximately half of Spotify Premium subscribers have shown interest in educational and self-help podcasts, indicating a strong market for video-based learning.

How UK Users Can Access Video Courses on Spotify:

– Both free and Premium users in the UK can access two free lessons per course during the trial period.
– On the mobile app: U.K. users can find course videos in the home and browse tabs.
– Users can explore available courses across four categories before purchasing them on desktop. Once purchased, the courses will be accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms.
– On desktop: Users can select courses of interest, purchase them, and start learning. The courses can be watched on the mobile app or desktop.

This new feature not only enhances Spotify’s offerings but also provides educational creators with a platform to reach a broader audience of engaged users. Stay tuned for more updates as Spotify continues to innovate and cater to its growing user base.

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