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Vivo Surpasses Samsung by Introducing Slider Phone Featuring Rollable Display

Chinese smartphone manufacturers Vivo and Transion are racing Samsung to release a handset with a slidable panel. While Samsung has been showcasing rollable display concepts, it seems that Vivo and Transion will beat them to market. The Elec’s industry insiders report that Vivo and Transion are determined to launch their slider phones before Samsung’s offering.

Transion has already displayed its Phantom Ultimate prototype featuring a rollable display made by CSOT. The phone’s 6.55-inch portrait cover screen can expand to a larger 7.1-inch squarish display when needed. This makes it similar in speed to opening a phone like the Z Fold 5, but with the advantage of using only one panel instead of multiple panels. Since thickness and weight are common drawbacks of foldable phones, if Vivo or Transion can release their devices before Samsung, they may gain a competitive edge in the market for unconventional form factors.

Vivo has reportedly explored partnerships with both CSOT and Samsung for the supply of flexible displays that can roll around one end without creasing or tearing. The concept of a slider phone with a flexible display is not entirely new, and prototypes have been showcased in the past. Vivo’s slider phone with a rollable display bears a resemblance to the Oppo X 2021 prototype. Initially, it appears to be a regular smartphone with a 6.7-inch curved-edge display. However, with a simple swipe on the side, the display can expand to 7.4 inches, providing a tablet-like experience.

Vivo’s slider phone incorporates a retractable OLED display and a proprietary Roll Motor powertrain, which ensures a constant force is applied to prevent creases or dimples on the screen. If the upcoming Vivo slider phone is an improved version of the prototype, it could potentially be a promising form factor for the future.

We are excited to see how this technology evolves and look forward to testing the Vivo slider phone when it becomes available next year. Stay tuned for more updates on this innovative device.

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