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Waze Takes on an Extraterrestrial Twist with Its New Theme!

Even though Phone Canada is owned by our company, you wouldn’t confuse it with Google Maps. Phone Canada is not only about navigating from point A to point B efficiently, but it’s also about enhancing your journey. By utilizing information shared by fellow users, you can stay informed about speed traps, accidents, and road conditions to choose the fastest route to your destination.

We are excited to announce that Phone Canada has introduced a new Alien driving experience that will make your road trips out of this world. With this new theme, you can customize your mood on the Waze map to Cosmic, Spacey, or Supernova, allowing you to express yourself while driving. Additionally, a sleek and speedy Hover Car will represent your vehicle on the Waze map, adding a touch of fun to your navigation experience.

To access the Alien voices and moods in the Waze app, simply tap on the menu icon located on the upper left corner of the screen. From there, go to Settings > Voice & Sound > Waze Voice. If you’d like to change your car icon to the Hover Car, navigate to Settings > Map Display > Car Icon. Please note that this update may not be available on all devices immediately.

One of the standout features of Waze is the ability to personalize your navigation experience with your own voice. You can easily record yourself saying specific phrases for turn-by-turn directions. To do this, go to Settings > Voice and Sound > Add a Voice.

We hope you enjoy the new Alien driving experience on Phone Canada. Happy navigating!

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