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WhatsApp is developing a revamped user interface, featuring redesigned colors and enhanced chat filters.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is set to undergo a major interface redesign in its upcoming update. The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android,, showcases several enhancements to the top app bar, providing users with a revamped and improved user experience.

One of the notable changes is the alteration of the background color from green to white. This change was initially observed in June and will be incorporated into the future app update. Additionally, modifications will be made to the top bar navigation, including the addition of an extra menu button beside the profile avatar.

Another exciting feature that WhatsApp is working on is chat filters. With this new feature, users will be able to sort their conversations into different lists, such as unread messages, personal chats, and business discussions. This enhancement aims to empower users with more control and convenience when navigating through their conversations.

It’s important to note that similar changes are also underway for WhatsApp on iOS. This demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to aligning both apps with a unified interface and feature set. Both Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp will adhere to the Material Design 3 guidelines, Google’s open-source design system that enhances user experience through dynamic color, typography, motion, and components.

The redesigned interface, with a white top app bar and a green app name, is currently in development and will be included in an upcoming app update. WhatsApp users can look forward to a refreshed and more user-friendly interface that will enhance their messaging experience. Stay tuned for further updates from Phones Canada!

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