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WhatsApp to offer new color options for customizable chat backgrounds

The latest WhatsApp beta for iOS hints there’ll be a fussless way for users to change the WhatsApp theme and choose between five distinct colors:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. White (not snow-white, so your eyeballs wouldn’t burst)
  4. Pink
  5. Purple

This is the latest report and while they’re positive the theme-picking feature will be available in the future, it’s not specified when it’s going to be rolled out to the masses.

Back when the WhatsApp beta for iOS update was a thing, it was about to bring a new interface for the app with new colors and icons. The update introduced a new green tint color, but not everybody was on board with it and they preferred the familiar old blue color. That’s why now the engineers are working on multiple colors, not just the green-or-blue option.

Per the screenshot, WhatsApp will eventually introduce a new section where choosing between green, blue, white (kind of), pink, and purple as a main branding color will be possible.

With a set of five available options, users can select a main branding color that “resonates with their personality or simply makes the app more visually appealing to them”, states the report and adds that “another key advantage is the potential for improved accessibility”. For example, for certain users with visual impairments or specific color preferences based on personal comfort, the ability to change the main branding color can make the app definitely more user-friendly.

What’s more, the report even has some information about the distant future: “WhatsApp might have plans to expand this customization feature by introducing the ability to change the bubble color in the distant future. In our opinion, this move will take personalization to a whole new level, allowing users to infuse their digital conversations with a touch of their unique style”.

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