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You won’t resist this deal: The Sony INZONE H7 headset is now almost 50% off!

Sony INZONE H7 Headset – Perfect for Gamers

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder: we’ll be spending more and more time at home.
Which, frankly said, is just another excuse to get one more pair of headphones: why not something gaming-oriented this
time? Spoiler alert: it’s massively discounted right now, the price is almost cut in half.

Put in dollars, the discount sum is over 100 bucks. For the price, you get quite more than just a decent over-ear headset.
The gamers will definitely enjoy the 360 Spatial Sound from an all-new virtualizer that reproduces an immersive 7.1 channel
surround sound. Put in gaming terms, that’s how you can pinpoint your enemy’s location wherever they’re hiding.

During working hours you’ll be guaranteed the spotlight at every Zoom call with these pearl-white cans – can’t go unnoticed!
The serious phone callers among us are in for a treat with the highly responsive, voice-focused boom microphone on the
headset. The microphone has a closer-to-the-mouth design, so your voice can be heard loud and clear in every situation.
Mic control has never been easier: fold down to talk, and flip up to mute.

If you’ve had negative headset experiences in the past, due to uncomfortable cans, you can pretty much forget about that
with the Sony INZONE H7 – the wide, soft headband distributes weight evenly across the head for long-wearing comfort and
the soft nylon ear pads provide high level of comfort and stability.

Battery is king with up to 40 hours of life from a single charge. So, if you’re getting in a gaming marathon that
will magically turn the day into night, you’ll be covered. And you’ll still have some power left – in the headset, at least
– for that 8 AM Zoom call with the boss.

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