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YouTube introduces enhanced safety measures for adolescent users

YouTube Launches New Features for Teens’ Protection

YouTube continues to add more features to prevent harmful content exposure for teens. The video platform has strict rules in place to protect teens, but there are always individuals who try to bypass them.

Earlier this week, YouTube announced a new set of features that will further enhance teens’ protection. These features were developed in partnership with the Youth and Families Advisory Committee and will be implemented in the coming weeks.

One of the changes announced this week is the limitation of repeated recommendations of videos that compare physical features, idealize certain types, idealize specific fitness levels or body weights, or display social aggression through intimidation.

In addition, YouTube is revamping the Take a Break and Bedtime reminders features to make them more visually prominent and appear more frequently. These changes will be more noticeable for viewers under 18 who have these reminders enabled by default.

These features will be shown across Shorts and long-form videos, with a default setting for Take a Break reminders every hour, which can be adjusted.

Lastly, YouTube is expanding crisis resources panels into a new full-page experience. This update aims to assist viewers in pausing and exploring help topics when they search on YouTube for certain queries related to suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders.

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