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Tree Planted for Every Device Sold

Looking at the impact on our environment, we decided to plant a tree for every phone sold by us.  On top of this, in April 2019 the Ontario government cut funding for its tree-planting program, which intended on planting 50 million trees by 2025. Given Canada’s remarkably large land area, forests are incredibly diverse. Our company is located in Ontario, so we looked from the northern lowlands around Hudson Bay, through the Boreal forest, and on to the deciduous forests in the south, Ontario is home to a wide array of unique plant and wildlife. However, many of Ontario’s amazing forests are being pressured by natural resource extraction and encroaching agricultural development. So we dropped a peg in the lands of Ontario and have started growing trees here and hoping to expand to all of Canada and then the world. We found One Tree Planted a non-profit organization. We’re on the same mission as them for a better future tomorrow. Click here and plant a tree of your own.

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