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Freedom Mobile Coverage Map for the Year 2023

Phones Canada is excited to introduce Freedom Mobile, a wireless carrier that offers 5G and 4G LTE service to 33% of Canadians. Since being acquired by Quebecor in the Rogers-Shaw merger, Freedom Mobile has expanded its coverage area and now provides affordable, high-speed connectivity to 31% of the population. The majority of their coverage is located in metropolitan areas such as Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

Here’s everything you need to know about Freedom Mobile’s coverage area, including details about their 5G and 4G LTE service. We’ll also compare their network coverage to the other major wireless carriers in the Big Three.

Freedom Mobile Coverage Overview:
– Freedom Mobile covers 33% of Canadians, making it a more affordable alternative to the Big Three carriers.
– They have partnered with Videotron to offer 5G service, which reaches 31% of residents.
– While their network is primarily limited to metropolitan areas, they do have coverage through partner networks for customers who venture outside the network.

Freedom Mobile 5G Coverage:
– Freedom Mobile launched their 5G service in July 2023 and it is available to 31% of Canadians.
– In the western provinces, 5G service is available in Vancouver, Calgary, and Sherwood Park.
– In the southern Ontario region, 5G service is mostly concentrated in cities like London, Barrie, Welland, Niagara Falls, and the greater Toronto area.
– Freedom Mobile has also expanded their range of 5G plans, offering some of the lowest rates for 5G in the country. Notable plans include the $45 5G Unlimited 30GB plan and the $65 5G Unlimited 60GB CA-US plan, both of which offer bill credits when you bring your own phone.

Comparing Freedom Mobile Coverage to Bell, Rogers, and Telus:
– Bell and Telus have extensive coverage, reaching 99% of the population with their networks.
– Rogers’ coverage is available to 97% of the population and covers 28% of the map.
– In comparison, Freedom Mobile covers 33% of Canadians and offers 31% 5G service.

Freedom Mobile Network Reliability:
– Freedom Mobile’s network reliability has received mixed reviews. In a 2021 J.D. Power study, their network quality was ranked lower than the Big Three carriers. However, they ranked fifth for customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power Wireless Customer Care Study.
– It is worth noting that customers traveling outside of the Freedom network may experience spotty service through partner brands.

Regional Carriers vs. MVNOs:
– Regional carriers like Freedom Mobile, Eastlink, Fizz, SaskTel, and Videotron offer more affordable alternatives to Bell, Rogers, and Telus. However, their coverage is limited to specific regions.
– Freedom Mobile’s coverage is available in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

In conclusion, Freedom Mobile is a competitive wireless carrier offering 5G and 4G LTE service to 33% of Canadians. While their coverage may be limited compared to the Big Three carriers, they provide affordable options and have expanded their 5G network to major metropolitan areas.

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