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Top Data-Only Phone Plans in Canada for 2023: SaskTel, Fido, and Lucky Mobile

Looking for the best phone plans, tablet plans, or data plans in Canada? There are tons of options out there. Typically, cheap cell phone plans with data cost $25 or more per month, but nowadays you can make phone calls with messaging apps and services using data. So why pay extra for “unlimited nationwide minutes” you’ll never use? A data-only plan gives your cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, or laptop the freedom to use it anywhere without the expense of paying for a plan that includes talk time and text messages. Here are Canada’s best data-only plans available in 2023:

Sasktel’s shareMORE Data Only: Starting at just $15 per month, this plan lets you share data with other plans and offers 1GB of 4G LTE data, scaling up depending on just how much data you need.

Fido’s 4GB Tablet Plan: At $15 per month, Fido’s 4GB plan is perfect for tablet users, with additional benefits such as data overage protection.

Lucky Mobile’s $15 Data Only plan: Ideal for budget-conscious customers, this plan is a more affordable option with unlimited data.

Many carriers in Canada offer data-only plans for tablets, smartwatches, and hotspots, but few offer them for cell phones. Despite its restrictions based on location, SaskTel’s shareMORE plan is our best recommendation, while Fido’s 4GB Tablet Plan and Lucky Mobile’s $15 Data Only plan are also great options. Choose a data-only plan for your mobile phone or tablet based on your budget and data requirements. If you’re worried about exceeding your data limits, keep an eye on your usage and consider a plan with data overage protection. Remember to review each carrier’s terms and conditions before making a decision. With the right data-only plan, you can enjoy a reliable internet connection wherever you go without breaking the bank.

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