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Top Fizz Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Top Fizz Mobile Plans in Canada

Fizz Mobile, a sub-brand of Videotron that offers 4G LTE service, specializes in personalized wireless plans for customers in Quebec and Ottawa. Our team at Phones Canada has put together the best Fizz Mobile plans that provide excellent value and customization options.

Best Overall Fizz Mobile Plan

One of the top Fizz Mobile plans we recommend is the Nationwide plan, which is perfect for most people. It comes with unlimited nationwide minutes, 8GB of data, and visual voicemail for your iPhone or Android smartphone. A standout feature of this plan is the rollover data perk, which allows any unused data to be carried over for up to two months. Additionally, you can “gift” your spare data to friends or family who are also on Fizz. This plan is competitively priced and offers great flexibility.

Best Fizz Mobile Basic Plan

For those who rarely leave Quebec, the Quebec plan is an affordable choice. It includes 3GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited texts, and long-distance calling within the province. This plan allows for customization, such as opting out of visual voicemail to save some money, adding nationwide calling, or doubling your data for an additional cost.

Unique Features of Fizz Mobile Plans

Fizz Mobile offers a range of unique features such as customizable plans, rollover data, and referral bonuses. Customers can choose the data, coverage area, and calling minutes that best suit their needs. Furthermore, the rollover data feature allows unused data to be saved for future use, and it can even be shared with other Fizz customers.

Referral bonuses are also available, where existing customers can earn credits by referring new customers. Additionally, Fizz Mobile does not charge any surprise data overage fees, and it offers rewards for remaining a customer, such as data upgrades and rebates.

Overall, Fizz Mobile provides a variety of plan options that cater to different needs and preferences, and its unique features set it apart from other wireless carriers. For more information on Fizz Mobile and its offerings, visit their website.

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