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The Average Selling Price of iPhones in the U.S. is Declining

Apple is experiencing a trend of declining iPhone pricing in the U.S. according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). The Weighted Average Retail Price (US-WARP) of iPhone units sold in the U.S. has dropped to $918 for the quarter ending in September 2023, down from $948 in June 2023, and reaching a high of $988 […]

Google’s Bard can now comprehend the content within YouTube videos

Have you heard? Google’s Bard is receiving a helpful update! The YouTube extension for Bard has been improved, allowing it to understand specific videos and answer more in-depth questions about them. This is part of Google’s effort to make Bard more useful for everyday tasks. With this update, you can ask Bard questions about the […]

Get notified when a friend is celebrating a special occasion

Google Contacts now allows users to receive reminders and notifications for all saved dates associated with a person in their Contacts app. Previously, users were only able to get notifications for a contact’s birthday, but now, any significant date can trigger a notification. To get started, open the Phone app on your Android device and […]

Download and Decorate Your Pixel with Twelve New “Community Lens” Wallpapers

A total of 12 captivating pictures are added to the Community Lens wallpapers collection, available for “all modern Pixel devices” (via 9to5Google). Like the other splendid images in the collection, these too are shot by Googlers. The search engine giant released the Community Lens shots in the Fall of 2021 and last updated the album […]

Google Messages Introduces Shortcut for Quick Photo Capture and Sharing

Google Messages has recently undergone a UI tweak, making it easier for users to send photos. The app now features a camera icon directly on the Messages home screen, streamlining the process of sending photos. This UI change is now rolling out widely. Previously, sending photos using Google Messages involved accessing the conversation and attaching […]

Apple Examines Two New Screen Technologies to Protect iPhone Privacy

Ever wished for a bit more privacy while using your smartphone? Well, it looks like Apple is working on making that happen with some innovative screen technology. Recent reports reveal two granted patents shedding light on the tech giant’s efforts to enhance iPhone screen privacy. The two options that Apple is researching are using a […]