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Google Messages Introduces Shortcut for Quick Photo Capture and Sharing

Google Messages has recently undergone a UI tweak, making it easier for users to send photos. The app now features a camera icon directly on the Messages home screen, streamlining the process of sending photos. This UI change is now rolling out widely.

Previously, sending photos using Google Messages involved accessing the conversation and attaching the photo from the “Add” button or capturing the photo separately in the camera app and then selecting it from the conversation. Now, the easy-to-access camera icon lets you start the process of sending a photo from the beginning.

The camera icon is placed adjacent to the search icon on the top right of the app. Tapping on it opens the camera app UI and viewfinder, allowing you to capture a quick photo. Once the photo has been taken, Messages then prompts you to select a recipient and attaches the photo in a new message to the chosen recipient — while still giving you the control to add additional text and send at your leisure.

The camera shortcut was previously in a limited rollout phase, with only a small group of Google Messages users having access to it. That said, while the old method was relatively straightforward, this new shortcut strives to make the process even more effortless —  facilitating seamless photo sharing.

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