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25,000 People Monthly Seek Advice on Disabling Snapchat’s My AI according to Google

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a popular topic of discussion lately, with many people expressing both fascination and concern about its capabilities. Recently, Snapchat’s My AI feature caused quite a stir when it started acting out of character by posting its own story. Users found this unsettling, as only humans are supposed to be able to post stories on the site. Snapchat attributed the incident to a glitch in their AI system, which is powered by Open AI’s ChatGPT.

The unease surrounding Snapchat’s AI is further evident in the search queries it generates. According to AI Hungry, a website that provides information on AI, the second most Googled question related to AI is “How to get rid of Snapchat AI,” with over 25,000 searches per month. Additionally, the question “How to delete Snapchat AI” is asked around 6,000 times per month. On the other hand, there are people who are actively seeking ways to incorporate AI into their Snapchat experience, as evidenced by the 15,000 monthly searches for “How to get my AI on Snapchat.”

Curiosity about AI extends beyond Snapchat. The most popular AI-related question on Google is “What is AI?”, which garners an average of 143,000 monthly searches. Other frequently asked questions include “What does AI stand for?” (9,300 searches), “What is generative AI?” (8,300 searches), and “How does AI work?” (8,100 searches).

To compile this list of popular queries, AI Hungry analyzed search terms that contained the phrase “AI” paired with question synonyms. The terms were then ranked based on global search volume using, resulting in the top 10 questions and their monthly search figures.

It’s clear that AI is generating significant interest and curiosity among internet users. While some people are wary of its potential implications, others are eager to explore its capabilities further. As we continue to delve deeper into the realm of AI, it will be crucial to address any concerns and ensure that its development and implementation are carried out responsibly.

Note: This response has been rewritten by the Phones Canada team, removing all formatting and unnecessary references to images or videos, and is formatted for easy reading and user comprehension.

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