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Android Auto now has the capability to remember your car’s parking location

Android Auto, the navigation system developed by Google, has introduced a new feature to help users easily locate their parked cars. The latest iteration of Google Maps for Android Auto now prompts users to save their parking location upon reaching their destination, with a simple “Save Parking Location” button appearing on the navigation screen. This ensures that users won’t have to struggle to find their parked cars in busy parking lots.

Once the button is tapped, the parking coordinates are stored in the user’s Google account and a reminder is provided on the Android device the following day. The feature also takes into account post-arrival movements, capturing the precise location even if the user spends time circling around for a spot.

This functionality is an extension of the 2017 addition to Google Maps for Android and iOS, allowing users to save their parking location with a few taps. Users also have the option to save their parking spot through the Maps app by tapping the blue dot indicating their location and selecting “Save Your Parking.”

The recent visual overhaul of Google Maps, with a new color palette, has also made its way to Android Auto to ensure a consistent experience. Google Maps, first introduced in 2005, has become the most popular and widely used navigation tool in the world, with over 67% of smartphone users relying on it. The runner-up is Waze, an app acquired by Google in 2013, which has now made its way into all cars with Google built-in, allowing users to access Waze’s real-time navigation without a smartphone.

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