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Apologies, America! iMessage on Android won’t fix the real issue: Don’t be deceived.

During the December of 2022, Sunbird announced the Sunbird app. They promised to make it possible for Android users to use iMessage on their device without needing an Apple device to set up the workaround solution. One year later, Sunbird’s concept has been fully embraced by the start-up company Nothing, founded by Carl Pei. Through this, they have created Nothing Chats, a messaging app that is expected to debut on the Nothing Phone 2 in the near future (pending resolution of some “bugs”).

The premise and formula for a seamless iMessage integration are retained from Sunbird’s app, but it seems that the two apps are still different. Users can connect to an Apple ID to send and receive blue bubble iMessage texts, create and participate in iMessage group chats, and send and receive full-resolution media from their Android device. Users can also see typing indicators, among other features.

In addition to promising to bring iMessage to Android, Sunbird also promises that users can merge all their messages from various messaging apps into one app, making texting more seamless. Despite this, Sunbird’s leading marketing message remains the same as Nothing Chats’ – “iMessage on Android.”

However, it is important to note that Apple has announced that it will bring RCS support to the iPhone via an update coming in 2024. While this makes the plot even more interesting, it remains to be seen whether the adoption of RCS by iPhone will solve the issue of messaging between iPhone and Android users in the US.

The problem at the core of the issue of messaging between iPhone and Android users in the US goes beyond the presence of iMessage on Android, and speaks to deeper societal issues. The discrimination between “blue bubble” iPhone users and “green bubble” Android users is tied to people’s values, acceptable behavior, and communication.

While the introduction of iMessage to Android would help with the symptoms of the problem, it would not solve the core issue of how people interact and connect with one another. It is vital to educate and influence behaviors around how we communicate and connect, both online and in person. Technology companies such as Apple, Google, and Nothing want users’ attention and presence on their platforms, and it is essential to hold them accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, the Bubble discrimination issue goes beyond Apple’s exclusive approach to iMessage and points to deeper societal issues that need to be addressed. While the adoption of RCS by iPhone is a positive step, the core issue of how people communicate and connect remains to be addressed.

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